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Barry Romeril, friend

I doubt if anyone can think of Helen without instantaneously thinking of music.
It was her passion that she wanted to share with others. In 1813 Lord Byron
wrote, “The music breathing from her face.” It is as though he knew Helen, for
the music truly breathed from her face.

Stephen Gates, friend

“O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,

How can we know the dancer from the dance?”

She loved these lines from Yeats, and I loved them for her. There were moments when her playing was so exquisite that the violinist and the violin were one.

And we were oh-so fortunate to witness that.

Pamela Paul, pianist

Helen was a major, major part of the happiest day of my life—my wedding day—June 18, 1987. She never changed at all in the ensuing years, except that you (Ajit) came into her life and made her happiness and personal fulfillment so very, very complete.

Anne-Marie McDermott, pianist

I would love to play a recital in honor of Helen. It would be a wonderfully personal and moving tribute to such an amazing woman and friend, and it would mean the world to me to do it. As you know, music speaks volumes and helps explain our deepest emotions in a way words cannot come close doing—Helen and I communicated foremost at that level. I can still see vividly Helen’s beautiful, innocently smiling face and her sparkling eyes—I keep her memory especially close to my heart.

Gerard Reuter, oboist

Helen lived like a phenomenon of nature—like a great geyser, involuntarily pouring out all it had to give until its structure gave way and could not sustain itself. She had no idea what a huge force she was in the lives of others. She was a simple person who believed in the power of music. The last note I heard her play was the last note she played. It was as vital as any I had heard. Helen’s last conscious act was to protect her violin so that it would continue on as a vehicle to give love and music to many.

Ellen K Parrella

Fond memories of concerts heard at the Congregational Church is Washington Depot
… with Pamela Mia Paul in a brilliant green gown with the sun pouring in
through the tall windows putting a glow over the artists, especially Helen’s
blond head as it bobbed to the Presto Finale of the Brahms Piano Quartet.